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About Diandra Dellucci

I am a native of Charleston.  I have lived here since 1982. The daughter of a Navy mother and father.  I lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  In the 1st hour of the storm a 100 year old oak tree split our house in half and we rode it out in the back of the hallway under blankets and pillows.  I have two beautiful children that drive me crazy and give me the drive I need to own my own business.  I'm still trying to decide which one was more dangerous: The Hurricane or having kids!  My goal is to help you get beautiful photos of your special moments.  I specialize in Weddings and Boudoir photos.  Photography is more than just owning a "fancy camera", it is knowing how to tell a story.  My style is bright and bold.  I love strong colors and classic black and white.  I am always up for unique shoots so if you have something special in mind, I am your girl!  The story behind my logo is that after my grandmother passed I was given her charm necklace that had her favorite things on it: a seashell, a cross and an Owl.  She is the one who told me I had a natural talent for photography and pushed me till her last breath to follow my dream.  Owls have sharp vision and are nocturnal creatures.  Owning your own company takes a lot of long nights and being a photographer takes a good eye (like the Owl).  There are 3 stars, one for each of my children and the biggest one is for my grandmother.  I know she is watching me and is proud! My partner Jeff is a great man and supporter of all my crazy ideas! I couldn't imagine taking this journey without him.  I look forward to what life's adventures has in store of us!

For more info you can email me at info@diandradphotos.com
or call my cell at 843-303-5433

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