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What My Clients Say

Ms. L

"Diandra will make you feel like you are at your best friend's house playing dress up. Her magical backdrops and sexy lingerie will bring out all the feels. She makes you feel so comfy and safe that you'll be posing like you never thought you could."

Ms. C

"I loved my shoot she did for me she’s very talented and she def made me look like a model when I’m by far means a model."

Ms. A

Diandra was first off PROFESSIONAL about her work. I found her to be kind, courteous, compassionate, clear in her expectations and her contract with what I was agreeing to - making sure I understood every aspect of the process and what the expectations were if I changed my mind at any point. She listened to my insecurities and held my heart and trust in her more than capable hands, and above all showed me what I couldn’t see for myself. That I. AM. ENOUGH.

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