You have questions

There are so many things to think about when booking a boudoir session.  Don't worry I'm here to answer all your questions.  Here are some of the most common questions I get.  

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I bring? I have some very nice pieces but it's almost impossible to have something that will fit every body shape and size.  I recommend that you bring a few pieces with you.  Once you book with me, we will be in communication all the way up to your shoot.  I will help you pick lingerie that will look good on you and in the studio.  If you check out my blog, I have a link to my Amazon account with some of my favorite outfits I have, or that clients have brought.  So, don't worry! I will walk you through it as much or as little as you need. 

  • Can I bring someone with me?  ABSOLUTELY!  If you want to bring a cheerleader with you, I'm all about it! Just keep in mind that if they get in the way or cause any problems, I will have to ask them to leave.  This is about you and only positive, fun, encouraging vibes are allowed.  Unless you are doing a couple's shoot, please leave your boyfriends or husbands at home unless pre-approved. 

  • Do you show my photos to others? No, not without a signed model release. All of the images you see me share online are of women who have modeled for me or clients that have signed a release.  You are not required to sign a model release. In fact, most of my Boudoir work is never shown publicly.  I will always honor your decision.  It is always nice when clients feel so empowered that they want to inspire other women of any shape, age, or size but it is NOT a requirement. 

  • What if I want hair and Makeup? I got you!  I have worked with a few local amazing makeup and hair artists.  I have a list of them on my "Trusted Vendor" tab.  I will foster communication with them to make sure your appointment goes smoothly.  I do not include their service in the price so you will have to pay them separately.  Each has their own prices.  If one of my girls isn't available, you are welcome to find someone you like and trust or do your own.  I have lots of clients that ROCK their hair and makeup.   Make sure you use someone that has been trained to apply the makeup in a way that will flatter you specifically on camera.  This is different than your "going out" makeup application and your photo makeup. 

  • When do I get to see the photos?  I will schedule your reveal appointment before you leave the studio on the day of your session or at the end of your session.  It all depends on my time and your time once we are done with the shoot.  We will also go over package options, and I will help you pick out the best photos if you are having a hard time choosing what to order. 

  • How long will it take?  You will receive your finished images within 4-6 weeks of completed payment.  I will order your products once your invoice has been paid in full.

  • What if I can't pay in full at my appointment? Don't worry I have payment plans for almost every budget. 

  • What if I get sick before my shoot?  I look at each case but most of the time there is a rescheduling fee. The best thing is to keep me updated if anything happens.