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Diandra Dellucci

Lead Photographer


Adriane Maxwell

Massage Expert


Avis Douglas

Main Makeup Artist


Diandra Dellucci

Set Designer


Bryce T.

House Keeping



Master Waxing Exspert


Heidi Jean-Baptiste

Body Waxing Expert




When you are a business owner you wear all of the hats! From Marketing to Accounting and everything in between. I do it all BUT I want to highlight a few people I could not do this without. 1st is my son Bryce who does all of the house keeping from sweeping to washing and drying all the things to my MUA Avis and Amy to my wax queens and last but not least my all-time favorite massage expert. I love these girls to pieces. Located right on the boarder of Goose Creek and Mocks Corner, SC I am here to help you with your Boudoir journey. If needed I will call on my Owlet Team to help make your day the very best possible! If you need the assistance of any of my team members please let me know so I can get you in touch with them. (they do not really work for me they are people I love and trust)

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