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The Owlet Room Set Option

You don't need a huge space to make a huge statement.

Studio Sets

Studio sets are essential for any professional photographer or videographer looking to create a versatile and dynamic shooting space. These sets typically consist of a variety of props, furniture pieces, and backdrops that can transform a plain studio into a unique and captivating setting. One popular type of studio set is the boudoir set which is designed specifically for intimate and sensual photography. You would be surprised to see how many different options we can fit into one room. Here you will see just a few set options you will have during your session in The Owlet Room.

The Old Hollywood Glam

For those who love a classic and elegant look, our Old Hollywood Glam set is the perfect choice. With vintage furniture pieces like our Victorian couch and matching chair from the 1920's. It was owned by a woman named Ms. Betsy who loved to show off her stunning furniture when friends came to visit. After her passing it was given to her granddaughter who did not have room for it. We found it listed for sale on Facebook in North Carolina. We took a road trip pick them up and when we told the granddaughter what we would be using them for she said that Grandma Betsy would absolutely love that. Those two pieces of furniture are what set the design vibe and obeyance of The Owlet Room. With different backdrops we can easy change the vibe of the room from romantic and intimate atmosphere to dark and moody. The choices are endless but the one thing that doesn't change is our red Victorian couch. Above are just a few examples of how a different backdrop can change the vibe of the space.

Queen Chair

Another great Facebook market find we made was our Queen Chair. It was a race to grab this beauty located in Hannahan, SC. Diandra was the 1st to arrive and score this stunning piece to add to The Owlet Room. This exquisite style Medieval antique was originally created for Lord Thomas Stamford Raffles, who founded the British colony of Singapore, it features deep, large-scale, mahogany hand-carvings of massive growling lion heads. The deeply cushioned seat and back are hand-upholstered on both sides in a button-tufted real ebony leather with nail head trim. The reason it is a Queen chair and not a Kings thrown is because it is missing the arms. The women back then had the big dresses so the arms were not included so they can sit next to their King. This chair is perfect for a more edgy session too. Bring out your Medieval, Renaissance side, add your favorite leather straps and chains and let your inner Dom come out. This chair is truly a showstopper and will elevate any boudoir or portrait session to new heights.

The Enchanted Wings

For those who seek a touch of magic and whimsy, our Ombre Crystal Wings set are a dream come true. Nestled within the studio, these wings transport you to a mystical realm where fairy tales and reality blur. Whether you're a woodland nymph or a mystical creature, these wings will surely add an enchanting touch to your photos. We also offer them in all black if you want a more Maleficent vibe. They would make a great pair with the Queen Chair: Think dark and powerful, like a Queen of the Underworld. Use our enchanted wings to add a touch of magic to any session.

Clawfoot Tub

Transport yourself to a luxurious spa setting with our vintage Clawfoot Tub set. The beautiful white tub featuring gold Lion Paw Feet is perfect for boudoir sessions as well as maternity and bridal shoots. It can easily be dressed up with floral arrangements or kept simple for a classic look. Add some bubbles and champagne (or wine) for an extra touch of elegance. This set is sure to make you feel like royalty. Plus, it's a great way to pamper yourself during your session. Soak in the tub and let Diandra capture beautiful and intimate moments that you can cherish forever.

Large Ornate Mirror

Have you ever wanted to feel like a Hollywood starlet? Look no further than our Large Ornate Mirror set. These stunning pieces are perfect for boudoir, maternity, or even fashion shoots. The intricate details and size of the mirror allow for unique angles and perspectives in your photos. Use it to capture reflections or add depth to your images. You can also add one of our two cow hide rugs for an extra pop to your photos. This set is sure to make you feel glamorous and confident. Strike a pose and let our Diandra capture your inner diva.


Our studio offers a variety of sets and props to enhance your photoshoot experience. From vintage tubs to enchanted wings, each item is carefully selected to bring a touch of magic to your session. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and unique setting where you can let your inner beauty shine through. So, come visit us and let our team help create stunning and timeless images that you will cherish forever. Remember, the possibilities are endless at our studio, so let your creativity run wild. We can't wait to see what magical moments we can capture together! See you soon! For more information about doing your own Boudoir Session please fill out the form below and Diandra will be in touch.


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