These boxes are hand made and one of a kind.  Each has a real sand dollar on the top and colored underside and bottom.  They are for you to put your prayers in for safe keeping or fill the box up for prayers for a loved one as a gift.  They can open a scroll when they feel they need it and the prayer or quote you wrote is the one the was meant for them or you in that moment.  Like when you hear gods voice you have to take the message as it is sent.  Receive your box with love and blessing.  Scrolls and prayers are not included that is for you to fill out.  

Getting married? Put per cut slip out for your guests and have them write a prayer or wish they have for you fold it up and put it in the box.  When you have a bump in the road you open the box with your husband or wife and read the slips until whatever made you mad or sad is washed away.  Like the sands on the beach.

Butterfly, Sand Dollar Prayer Box, Blessing Box, Marriage Box, Gift Box, Ocean B

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