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From the Moment you walk in the door…Intense Happy Excited Vibes! Her Decor is immaculate and tasteful! Her aesthetic of work is unlike anything I’ve seen in the area. I Felt sooo comfy and Beautiful the whole time!! This woman’s energy is *Muah* Chefs Kiss! This kind of experience is WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! She does couples photos too!! If You’re Shy it’s ok this is such a confidence booster! You’ll feel like a new Person! I love you woman thank you so much for EVERYTHING you’re time talent and energy exchange was sooo appreciated! Y’all these edits yall are FIREEEEEEE!


Unbelievable experience. Words can't describe the level of amazing she is!


I love you for executing my visions and listening to me. I feel comfortable in front of her camera and never judged. I love how she takes care of the small details, I can never predict or think about.


When I tell you I had an AMAZING experience with Diandra! I booked with her last year (8/2021), but had to reschedule for January 2022 due to having covid and then losing a close friend very unexpectedly all within the 2 weeks prior to my scheduled shoot date. Diandra was so understanding and even checked in on me to make sure I was feeling better and doing OK after the death of my friend. When I was finally able to go and do the shoot it was such a great experience! She was so easy to talk to and be around. I brought a friend with me and she was so welcoming to her as well. She was very detailed in her explanation of everything. I used the makeup artist she recommend, Avis, and being around the 2 of them was like being around old friends I hadn't seen in a long time. We were talking and laughing, and they really helped put me at ease. Communication was always great with Diandra and she was understanding that I would need to wait a little longer than normal to place my print order. Her client closet was AMAZING and she had pieces for all sizes and shapes. Heck, she even let me borrow a pair of her black heels because I didn't have any and we were the same shoe size! On top of it all, she sent me home with a goody bag filled with a candle and Keychain, all handmade by local artisans. I highly recommend Diandra and Avis to anybody looking to try this type of photoshoot for themselves! No matter your body size, shape, anything! Every body is a boudoir body!

DDP (14)DDP.jpg

First let me say, WOW. That is the only way I can describe my experience with Diandra. As a midsize girl I had my reservations about doing a Boudoir shoot, but Diandra put me right at ease. She explained how to the process worked, helped me pick out outfits that I was comfortable in, and the she got to work. During the session I was nervous at first but quickly warmed up and felt totally at ease and even confident. Form start to finish the whole experience was amazing and I can’t recommend her enough. Do this!!! Don’t hesitate!


Today has def been a day. I took a step out of my comfort zone and did my first boudoir shoot. I thought I was going to be nervous like my own episode of naked and afraid.... plus I'm super self-conscious about my body but honey I will tell you I never felt so comfortable getting naked with a stranger after 5mins of meeting than I did with Diandra she had everything ready to go when I got there and helped make my 1st experience amazing. She even hooked me up with a nice gift bag of goodies. Ladies if you want some spicy pics for yourself or your significant other one, she's def your girl. Check her page out you'll thank me later


Ladies, if you want to feel fierce and empowered by your own femininity, you must go see Diandra Boudoir Owlets and give her a chance!!

She is incredible! She's fun, funny, smart and all about making you see yourself as others see you.

Embrace it!


Diandra helped us make our dream wedding photos come true. As an active-duty military family, we weren't afforded the opportunity to have a typical big wedding with photos and glam. For us, a small, rushed ceremony was our reality although it was not our original plan. For our one-year wedding anniversary we reached out to Diandra for some "wedding shots" to surprise our families with and have to treasure. She knocked it out of the park, and we are so in love with them! Thank you for making our fairy tale come true and capturing our love... through all the trials we have faced together in this challenging time and throughout our military service. You were a fairy godmother for us, and we will treasure these moments with our family and future children for many years to come!

Wedding Photographer

I did a “model call” session with Diandra. She was looking for models to come out to a sunflower field in their wedding dresses to have photos taken. I am extremely insecure, and she made me feel VERY comfortable. Never once did I feel pressured to partake in a pose, I was not comfortable with. The photos turned out absolutely amazing and I love them! My mother went with me, and she cried during the session and once Diandra sent me the photos my mother cried again. Thank you so much Diandra for being such a kind spirit and really putting your all into your work, it definitely shows ♥️

Binyard Wedding

We had a three-day wedding celebration and Diandra and her team were absolutely amazing. She truly captured 10 years of love, happiness, family and friends.
Her team was prompt, professional, and personable. We enjoyed having her and her team be a part of our family.
The proof of her and her team's superb photography skills is in the amazing range of photos her and her team captured.
As the bride and groom, you miss out on moments and her and her team captured them all.


Excellent service! She made sure I was happy from start to finish. Diandra gets an A+ for professionalism, patience, and ability to handle surprises. Thanks for making my wedding day special


Diandra was amazing. We got Santa photos in 2020 and I reached out to her about doing my gender reveal with my oldest and Santa and she was all for it and took family photos afterwards for us that turned out beautiful!

We then went back to Santa with both kids for pictures that turned out cute as well for 2021 and she remembered us right away! She has been one of the better photographers I have found based on quality, professionalism, and a quick turn around time with plenty of options to choose from for your pictures (and they are all gorgeous so good luck picking your favorites).


Diandra Dellucci Photography captured our special day and we could not be happier! The wedding album she created for us is truly stunning. I highly recommend her!


My experience: I can truly say today was the BEST experience I’ve had in a long time overall and most definitely the best in realizing what I believed about not being beautiful or worthy was absolutely not true. When I first got to the owlet room, I felt welcome, and comfortable, and as if I was just hanging out with friends and chatting. Just after getting my makeup and hair done, I was handed a mirror and the first thing I thought was “wow…”. The second was “that can’t be me….” The third was “I’m beautiful. “. And things just got better from there. Every outfit, every shot, every moment was flattering and comfortable and happy and magical. I can truly say it took a lot for me to go and open myself up and trust enough to put myself in Diandra’s hands and make me feel the way that I did. I can’t believe, after seeing the pictures, that this is me. I didn’t want it to end because it was bringing something into my life I had missed for so long…self affirmation. I AM beautiful. I AM more than my past. I AM worthy. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH for anyone. I am more than enough for ME. I don’t need someone to TELL me I am beautiful. I KNOW I am. I can look at the beauty that was created today any time and know that same beauty lives within me every single day. I may not wear the makeup or hair every day but that doesn’t mean that the Beauty is gone - it is there. I know that beauty is there. It has always been there inside me - I just didn’t believe it or that I was worthy of it; but, now it has been hatched and fed and released and I can honestly not thank Diandra enough for showing me how strong and beautiful I actually am and how much worth I have.

Family Photo

We used Diandra for family Christmas pictures. She was amazing, professional, efficient and GREAT at getting my 4 year old son who hates photos to smile. She was attentive to detail even fixing my hair for me and rubbing lipstick off my teeth. The photos she captured were beautiful. I definitely recommend her for your next photos! She is also very generous and made a donation to my son's school with her time and resources.


Diandra is an amazing photographer and truly an asset! She is a joy to work with and absolutely phenomenal at what she does! If you are looking for someone who can help you really grow your image and be creative at the same time, and also do it like it's easy, this is your girl!


Great friendly photographer. Makes you feel at ease and treats you like family.


Diandra was great to work with! She gave great direction and was very efficient. Our first spot we were going to meet was a no go due to a parade. She called and had another spot picked out right away. She was great working with our dog as well and her experience showed. She made it a fun experience and we genuinely had a good time! We will definitely use Diandra in the future! Highly recommended!


I absolutely loved our session with Santa and Diandra. She was so easy to work with and friendly with the kids. Her photos were terrific which isn't easy with 3 kids 5 and under. The gallery was done so fast too! Can't wait to do this again next year!! Thanks for a magical day


We used Diandra for photos with Santa with our 12 week old. She was hosting an event at a local shop and we jumped on the opportunity to not have to wait in lines! I emailed Diandra prior to the event to let her know how young our little man was and she was super responsive and helpful. It couldn’t have gone smoother! We arrived ten minutes early (as requested) just as another family was finishing up. Diandra greeted us and had our little man sitting on Santa’s lap in under 5 minutes. The photos were quick and turned out excellent. My husband and I were even able to pop into the last couple which turned out perfect. This was very much what we wanted - quick and to the point. No long lines. The turnaround for the photos was literally a day! One day. How phenomenal is that?! I will absolutely use Diandra again in the future, and hopefully annually for Santa photos! Thank you SO much!


I have used Diandra for both business and family photos. From the moment we met, we clicked. She is such a beautiful person (inside and out) and extremely talented. The first pics she did for me were pics of my products for my business. She did such an amazing job! I often joke that my customers would be disappointed in the actual product because she just makes them look even more amazing. I then had her do pics of my son for his 3rd birthday. I had an idea in my head of what I was expecting. Due to some loss of props (balloons my son let fly away), my vision went out the window. I was so disappointed. She immediately said not to worry; she would be able to Photoshop some in. Well once I saw how the pictures turned out (amazing of course!), I told her not to. She captured my son so beautifully that I cried. There are people who can capture a photo of a child and then there is Diandra! She not only captures the child, but their joy and all their personality. Lastly, I did a headshot session for my business. I hate taking pics, but Diandra convinced me and as usual, I was not disappointed. We had such an amazing time and I was extremely happy with the results. There is no doubt that I will continue to use her in the future. I could not have found a better photographer and friend. I would recommend her to anyone.

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