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I know I know... Already!!!!  Yes... You asked and I listened! Now you have enough time to get ready.  Are you looking for a special gift for yourself or your special someone for the holiday? 

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Amanda Tyler

My experience: I can truly say today was the BEST experience I’ve had in a long time overall and most definitely the best in realizing what I believed about not being beautiful or worthy was absolutely not true. When I first got to the owlet room, I felt welcome, and comfortable, and as if I was just hanging out with friends and chatting. Just after getting my makeup and hair done, I was handed a mirror and the first thing I thought was “wow…”. The second was “that can’t be me….” The third was “I’m beautiful. “. And things just got better from there. Every outfit, every shot, every moment was flattering and comfortable and happy and magical. I can truly say it took a lot for me to go and open myself up and trust enough to put myself in Diandra’s hands and make me feel the way that I did. I can’t believe, after seeing the pictures, that this is me. I didn’t want it to end because it was bringing something into my life I had missed for so long…self affirmation. I AM beautiful. I AM more than my past. I AM worthy. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH for anyone. I am more than enough for ME. I don’t need someone to TELL me I am beautiful. I KNOW I am. I can look at the beauty that was created today any time and know that same beauty lives within me every single day. I may not wear the makeup or hair every day but that doesn’t mean that the Beauty is gone - it is there. I know that beauty is there. It has always been there inside me - I just didn’t believe it or that I was worthy of it; but, now it has been hatched and fed and released and I can honestly not thank Diandra enough for showing me how strong and beautiful I actually am and how much worth I have.