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Plus Size Boudoir Photography. Breaking Down the Highlights: A Review of Ms. K's Session

Updated: Mar 8



Question: Why did you choose Diandra to do your Boudoir Session?

Answer: Diandra was the ONLY boudoir photographer that had true plus size women portrayed in her photoshoots.  I searched for months for a BBW boudoir photographer.  I did not feel comfortable posing in front of someone I didn’t feel truly supported and uplifted us BBWs.  Well, let me tell you that Diandra is the most amazing person.  She made me feel like we were just a couple friends hanging out.  I highly recommend booking your shoot with her.

Question: Was this session for yourself or a gift for someone else?

Answer: I did this session for me and the other women who look like me.  I am tired of being judged by society on what my body should look like.  Not all women have flat tummies, large perky breasts, and a perfect booty.  Some of us have saggy, deflated breasts, flabby, big tummies, loose skin and LOTS of cellulite.  I wanted to celebrate my body.  It’s been through a lot, and I LOVE every inch of it.

Question: How did you feel before your session?

Answer: I was super excited before my session.  I had zero nerves which is unusual for me.  I am so thankful that this experience was with Diandra in The Owlet Room.

Question: Did Diandra keep you informed and answer any questions you had before you arrived?

Answer: I was provided a complete guide on what to expect during my experience in the Owlet Room.  I loved all the tips to prepare before my session and the lingerie guide.  I loved being so prepared.  It made my experience so relaxing.


Question: What was your overall impression of The Owlet Room once you arrived?

Answer: The Owlet Room was beyond my greatest expectations.  The photos do not do justice on how welcoming and beautiful it is.  I am very proud of being an Owlet.

Question: How did you feel during the boudoir session, and were there any moments or poses that made you feel particularly confident or empowered?

Answer: EVERYTHING about the session from hair and makeup by Avis to the items in the closet, the poses and Diandra herself made me feel the most confident and empowered that I have ever felt.

Question: Would you recommend to your friends to use Diandra for their boudoir session?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY!! I would recommend Diandra to family, friends, strangers, or ANYONE! She’s amazingly talented and an amazing soul!

Thank you, Ms. K, for the amazing review. Do you want to do your own Boudoir session? Click on the button below and fill out the form and Diandra will get in touch with you.

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