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Breaking Down the Highlights: A Review of Ms. M's Session


A bedroom with 3 framed photos of a woman in lingerie.

A female posing on a pink chair with a neon sign that says Hello Gorgeous.

Question: Why did you choose Diandra to do your Boudoir Session?

Answer: I’ve seen the beautiful pictures Mac had taken with Diandra and I always told myself one day I was going to treat myself. That day sort of fell into my lap whenever she posted a model call. 

Question: Was this session for yourself or a gift for someone else?

Answer: The session was for myself, with hopes of loving them so much that I’d gift them to my boyfriend. Spoiler alert: they’re a gift for BOTH of us!

Question: How did you feel before your session?

Answer: Before the session I was a little nervous. Not really sure how I’d feel internally or even how my body would react to the vulnerability of being exposed for others outside of the bedroom.

Question: Did Diandra keep you informed and answer any questions you had before you arrived?

Answer: I didn’t really have any questions beforehand. She had everything lined out easy

peasy with all questions answered before I even thought of them. 

A female in teal lingerie standing in front of a large mirror and a neon sign that says "Lets Get Naked"

Question: What was your overall impression of The Owlet Room once you arrived?

Answer: Walking into her house - I was immediately stunned at the owlet room because HOLY COW. It was so …. There were just so many feelings that room gave off - sexy, warm, mysterious, erotic, comforting. 

Question: How did Diandra make you feel during your session?

Answer: During the session, Diandra did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable, asking questions, making small jokes to ease the air. Even asking about my favorite music to help ME be completely in the mood.

Question: What were your favorite elements of the room?

Answer: My favorite elements of the room are the candles and the large standing mirror. So many things can be done with just those 2 - and the beautiful couch of course. 

Question: How did you feel during the boudoir session, and were there any moments or poses that made you feel particularly confident or empowered?

A silhouette reflection of a sexy female

Answer: Of course, my butt shot in the mirror - which of course was my boyfriend's favorite too.

Question: Did the ambiance of the Owlet Room contribute to your overall experience? If so, how?

Answer: Just the vibe of the room with all the possibilities the room could offer - all together can ease literally anyone. 

Question: How did you feel seeing your pictures for the first time?

Answer:  I loved soooooo many of the pictures. I was nervous about how I’d personally feel seeing them because I’m my worst critic, but I loved them so much!!

Question: Would you recommend to your friends to use Diandra for their boudoir session?

Answer: Of course! I already recommended to my friend that’s getting married as a little gift to her hubby. 

Question: If you could change one thing about your session, what would it be? 

Answer: You not hurting your back (note from Diandra: my back was already hurt I just twisted the wrong way, but I'll be ok)

Thank you Ms. M for the amazing review. Do you want to do your own Boudoir session? Click on the button below and fill out the form and Diandra will get in touch with you.

A female with long hair wearing teal lingerie on a purple ottoman with flowers and a neon sign in the background.

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