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"Capturing beauty in every frame" A review from Ms. M's session.

Updated: Mar 20

A female laying on a red couch wearing a blush tulle robe in lingerie.

Why did you choose Diandra to do your Boudoir Session?

My husband has been asking me for a long time if I would ever do a boudoir session and I was always iffy because I am a plus size girl and I have severe body imagery. But I always said that if I found the right photographer then I would do it. Well- Diandra was “it” for me. I am severely picky when it comes to photography, I’m NOT a photographer myself but I do have a passion for it and I guess I was spoiled with our family photographer from New York- and from then on- I can tell what is great quality and what looks cheap- I don’t know how I came across Diandra and the Owlet Room ( I guess those spies listening and hinting towards my cell phone) but she popped up on my Facebook looking for a model call and that if applied, I could possibly get picked. I thought to myself, this is a sign- I just recently lost 80lbs and I was starting to love my body or at least be comfortable with showing some skin. I did a lot of “stalking” on Diandra’s pages, and I said this woman has talent!!!! And I loved how she captured the beauty of all different women and their sizes. And I also read all the interview questions from the other women (these exact questions) and I just knew I found what I was finally looking!

Was this session for yourself or a gift for someone else?

This session was a little bit for both for me and my husband- I am married to the most amazing man for 13 years and we’ve been through ALOT.  He is active duty so on top of being a military spouse I am a mother to four children!!! 2 of them being on the spectrum. When he kept asking, I knew I wanted to do this for him but damn! I felt amazing during and after my session that I just knew I did it for me too. It was like a “high” getting all glammed up and getting my hair and makeup done- I felt spoiled and just downright sexy.  And if you have it in the budget, Diandra’s hair and makeup team is amazing!!!!!!! 

A female with soft glam makeup laying on a tulle robe.

How did you feel before your session?

I was nervous!!! My biggest fear was- I’m a big girl and what if her lingerie that she lets clients have access to don’t fit me or I look terrible- like especially after having four kids, my body is not the same and I hate it. My FUPA was my biggest worry.  But also, I don’t know how to be sexy, I don’t own anything sexy. I’m lucky that I get to shower most days! Especially after working M-F full time- because that’s the other thing, I went back to work after not working for 12 years- I decided to go back because all my children are in school. So, I decided that I actually missed working and that the year 2024 was going to be more about “treating myself” things that make me happy! 

Did Diandra keep you informed and answer any questions you had before you arrived?

Yes!! She was amazing! She responded to everything on all her social media, emails and personal texts! 

What was your overall impression of The Owlet Room once you arrived?

(Insert heart eyes) the pictures are fantastic of the Owlet Room- but to see the details in person and how she works everything she has into this room- I was so amazed. Every single detail to this room was breathtaking. I seriously can’t wait to go back. 

A female wearing green lingerie and a crystal body chain standing behind a red couch with candles behind her.

How did Diandra make you feel during your session?

Amazing! Sexy. Confident. Loved. Empowered. I mean even the little sneak peaks she showed me helped! Cause I got pose all sexy and then see if through the lens of the camera and I didn’t want the session to end! The music on her playlist was awesome! At one point I was feeling down cause I didn’t fit into an outfit, but Diandra didn’t make a big deal at all and made something work for me and got me right back in the headspace to continue just having fun! 

What were your favorite elements of the room?

The big mirror! I just kept looking at myself in it and just not believing I was doing a boudoir photo shoot. And the candles! She truly has a remarkable workspace. 

How did you feel during the boudoir session, and were there any moments or poses that made you feel particularly confident or empowered?

I loved the butt poses! I just felt extremely sexy, especially knowing they were going to be the faves for my husband. 

A female butt

Did the ambiance of the Owlet Room contribute to your overall experience? If so, how? 

Like I said, it’s a gorgeous space- when you meet Diandra you see how the Owlet matches her vibe! It’s amazing. I feel like I’ve made a friend with Diandra for life! I love how she made me feel through the whole session!

How did you feel seeing your pictures for the first time? 

I could not believe it was me- that I looked that awesome in some of the pics. I mean I had the meeting with Diandra over a Zoom meeting and my husband joined and he no joke- is still talking about the pics and asking when I can do another shoot. They were simple stunning. 

How did Diandra handle and concerns you brought up?

I really didn’t have any concerns. Diandra covers everything that you can think of and more. She is very professional, and I will continue to help support this amazing woman in her small business!

A female looking beautiful and happy.

Do you feel she was fair in listening to your concerns?

Like I said- I didn’t have any concerns because she laid it all out there for me. And this was a model call opportunity, but she literally answered anything I had and then some. Like I said completely comfortable with her:) 

Would you recommend to your friends to use Diandra for their boudoir session?

100000000x yes!!! We as women, whether we are mothers, single, married, working, not working just WOMEN overall, I feel that women should do a boudoir photoshoot once in their life if not for someone special- just do it for yourself. It really changes the way you see yourself and I’m slowing learning that lesson myself. 

 If you could change one thing about your session, what would it be and why? 

I honestly don’t think I’d change anything- but now that I came, saw and conquered I would probably just bring one piece of lingerie that I loved and wanted to see myself in- just to boost that confidence more but seriously- I wouldn’t change a thing. Just add- you will never want your session to end- I was actually sad because I absolutely loved doing all the things, the poses. The dressing up, etc. 

Thank you Diandra! For an experience I’ll never forget and looking forward to many more in the future!

For more information about doing your own session please fill out our form and Diandra will be in contact with you.

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