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Sports Themed Boudoir Session in The Owlet Room. A Review of Ms. A's Session.

Updated: Mar 20

A female in a sports t-shirt posing with a football wearing fixhnets on a red couch.


To start off, I have a very low self-esteem. I'm very critical of my body, especially in pictures. But I have been intrigued by boudoir photos for a while and I always wished that I could do sexy pictures like that. I've been looking at different photographers for a few years to try and boost my confidence enough to take the step. I saw some nice photos of women who looked like models. While they are beautiful, it just didn't give me that boost I needed. I had pretty much given up and stopped even looking for the last year. 

A plus size female sitting on a red couch wrapped in a silk green sheet.

Then just out of the blue I came across the Owlet page on Facebook. When I scrolled through the page, I couldn't believe how absolutely gorgeous all the women were. There were women of all sizes, women like me. I had never seen such stunning photos on any other page that I looked up. I decided to contact Diandra and ask some questions. She was amazing. She always responded to me quickly and answered every question I had. She made me feel relaxed. 

I scheduled my time for less than a month away because I was so nervous to actually do it. I thought I might back out. I decided that I would take the pictures as a gift for my boyfriend. As the time drew near, I got really nervous about taking the pictures but more about seeing them and being critical. I reached out to Diandra to let her know my concerns and she was so amazing. She really made me feel at ease. 

A plus size female kneeling in front of a red couch with black lingerie on.

The day of my photo shoot, I was nervous driving to her house. But when she opened the door with her big smile, I felt a little better. Getting your hair and makeup done for you is the best. I felt so pampered. It looked so beautiful.  When it was time to take the photos, Diandra helped me pose and constantly told me how beautiful I was and how hot the pose looked. I had such a fun time I didn't want it to end. I have never had so much fun and felt so beautiful ever in my life. 

A female in black lingerie on a red Victorian couch with candles behind the couch.

My reveal day was nerve-wracking but when Diandra pulled up my photos so I could look at them I couldn't believe how beautiful they were and how they made me feel looking at "me".  I see myself in a whole new way now. Diandra has a special gift. She makes you feel comfortable, confident, fierce, hot, sexy, fearless, beautiful...I could go on and on. I can't thank her enough for what she did for me. These photos were supposed to be a gift for my boyfriend, and I can't give them up. I want them for myself. I purchased some separately for him so I can keep mine.

I love you so much Diandra! Thank you, a million times!

For information about doing your own boudoir session in The Owlet Room, fill out the form below and Diandra will be in touch.

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