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10 Reasons to book a Boudoir session in the owlet room!

A black and white photo of a sexy female in black lingerie

Ladies AKA Owlets, it's time to own your sexy and celebrate the Goddess you are. Here are a few reasons why I think booking a session with Diandra in The Owlet Room should be at the top of your bucket list:

A bride in white lingerie wearing a wedding veil with candles in the background.

10. Getting Married. It is tradition for the wedding couple to exchange gifts on the wedding day.  Many couples rack their brains on what to get each other that truly matches the significance of the day.  Doing a boudoir session to gift your future husband or wife is a great gift idea. A book with some fun spicy photos is also a great photo opportunity for your wedding day photographer to capture their face as they look at their future wife and the honeymoon!

9. Because you can! I love to say it's not who is gonna let me it is who's gonna stop me! So go and empower yourself. A boudoir shoot is about more than just taking beautiful photos or putting on nice lingerie. It's about feeling confident in your own skin. Embracing your tiger strips, or that scar from when you fell off your rocker and had to get 12 stiches. Big boobies, little boobies and all the boobies in between! You are a strong, beautiful, and a worthy woman, and a boudoir shoot can remind you of that.

A woman in black sequins lingerie with a neon sign that says Hello Gorgeous posing on a pink chair.

8. Embrace being single! Breakups can be tough, but you don't have to mourn the end of a relationship. Instead, use this as an opportunity to show the world how amazing and fierce you are. A boudoir shoot is the perfect way to flaunt your confidence and remind yourself that you are sexy AF and take your life back! And if you plan on using a dating app get yourself a few PG-ish photos while you are at it!

7. Celebrate motherhood! Your body is a true accomplishment after carrying and giving birth to another human. While your body may have undergone changes during pregnancy and post-birth, it's important to realize that you are still absolutely stunning. Maternity milk bath boudoir sessions are a great way to celebrate this phase of motherhood too. I can't tell you how many mothers of 5+ I have come in and ROCK their session. ** I am NOT responsible if these photos result in another pregnancy but if you want to name them after me, I would be honored!

A black female laying on a couch with a black and rose sheet covering her body.

6. Fight against cancer! Survivors of breast cancer can celebrate their strength and body with a boudoir shoot. Whether before or after mastectomy, a boudoir shoot can be a touching and inspiring way to embrace your body and journey. I have even had a client do a session during her journey. She wanted to document every stage and tell a beautiful story of her fight with breast cancer. I'm just honored to be a part of her vision.

A white female with green and purple dreadlocks.

5. Rejoice in your fitness journey! If you've been hitting the gym hard and getting fit, it's time to celebrate your hard work and dedication to yourself. A boudoir shoot is a perfect way to show off your progress and feel confident in your own skin. Another client of mine started her journey at age 60 and wanted to show off not only her age but her gains. She ROCKED that session! It also goes to show you that it is never to late to start your health journey.

4. Love yourself. You also don't need to "get in shape" to do a boudoir session. It's essential to prioritize self-care and self-love. Take a day for yourself and get pampered by professional hair and makeup artists before your photo shoot. Go get your nails did! I work with a list of professionals that can make your day a memorable one. Just ask and I'll tell you my go to peeps! Don't forget. after your session schedule yourself a massage to work out all the knots you got from the sexy poses I put you in!

A woman laying across a pink and gold chair wearing a tulle robe.

3. Give a unique and intimate gift to your partner on your wedding day. A boudoir album is a stunning and intimate way to show your partner how much you cherish them and how beautiful you feel. Plus, it will make for some fun "pre wedding" photos for the photographer to capture when they open their "special gift."

A glamours woman in a green lace outfit wearing a tulle robe.

2. Take advantage of your youth! While age and beauty are not correlated, there's no denying that we won't always be young forever. Embrace your youth and celebrate it with a boudoir shoot. Have you ever heard this? "I used to think I was fat. I wish I could go back and slap myself into seeing how stunning I was."

1.Restore your confidence and self-worth after experiencing trauma. A boudoir shoot can be an empowering and uplifting experience for survivors of abuse and trauma. You are worth it and deserve to feel beautiful and strong.

Owlets don't wait any longer! Book your boudoir shoot in Moncks Corner, SC, and celebrate yourself in all your beauty, confidence, and strength. It's time to own your sexy and take control of your self-love and empowerment journey.

For more information fill out the below and Diandra will get back with you. Don't forget to join our ladies only VIP Room on Facebook.

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