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South Carolina Boudoir Photographer, A review from Ms. M's session in The Owlet Room!

Updated: Mar 20

A black and white photo of a female laying on a couch with her knee bent.


Why did you choose Diandra to do your Boudoir Session?

I saw amazing photos my friend Mack had taken by Diandra and followed her page a while back. I then saw her model call and knew it was a great opportunity to do a fun shoot and get amazing pictures.

Was this session for yourself or a gift for someone else?

This was for me. I'm a mom to 14-month-old twins and needed the confidence boost in my new body. 

How did you feel before your session?

I was very nervous but also excited. This was my first time really showing my new body. The stretch marks, the lose skin, my boobs being smaller and not as perky (thanks breastfeeding) I had been avoiding wearing any crop tops or anything that revealed my midriff too much, but this gave me the push to get all my confidence back.

Did Diandra keep you informed and answer any questions you had before you arrived?

She was AMAZING. She answered all my questions, was reassuring and informed me of every step in the process. She even had to send me a few emails again because mom brain.

A red-haired female in black lingerie posing on a pink chair


What was your overall impression of The Owlet Room once you arrived?

It was very welcoming! Walking in and seeing a beautiful set up and a welcome sign with my name on it gave me a sense of relief and really helped me not be so nervous. 

How did Diandra make you feel during your session?

Diandra hyped me up and made me feel so good about myself the whole time. She was so excited and made me feel like a queen every time I put a new outfit on. 

What were your favorite elements of the room?

I really love the window and the chair in front of the hello gorgeous sign. They were just really fun poses, and the lighting and light added a special element to the shot. 

A petite female posing with high heels and black lingerie.


How did you feel during the boudoir session, and were there any moments or poses that made you feel particularly confident or empowered?

I loved the pose on the ground under the window. That one made me feel amazing and I knew it was going to look good before I even saw the reveal. The butt poses were a close second. I have a lot smaller butt than I used to have and Diandra made it look great. 

Did the ambiance of the Owlet Room contribute to your overall experience? If so, how?

Yes, it did. It was warm and inviting and really helped calm my nerves while also being beautiful and looking like so much fun. 

How did you feel seeing your pictures for the first time?

I felt very happy. Seeing them also shocked me a little bit. I think at one point I said wow that's really me. I looked amazing and that in itself made me feel great and gave me some of my confidence back. 

How did Diandra handle and concerns you brought up?

She listened to my concerns and was very accommodating. I did not have very many.

A black and white photo of a petite female laying on a couch wearing lingerie.


Do you feel she was fair in listening to your concerns?

Yes, I did. She was great in handling everything. She was also very big on consent and making sure everything she did was okay. Which was very reassuring. 

Would you recommend to your friends to use Diandra for their boudoir session?

I would recommend her to any friends and family! Without a doubt. The shoot was amazing and the whole process was seamless and so easy.

If you could change one thing about your session, what would it be and why?  I wish I would have followed Diandra’s tips better. I don’t have good cell service where I lived and missed a few of them. Like the recommendation to stretch. Otherwise, there is nothing I would change the session was amazing. I am so thankful for Diandra for helping me get back a piece of myself. 

If you are interested in doing your own session, please fill out the below form and Diandra will be in touch.

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