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Diandra Dellucci

I was introduced to photography in high school. Back when we had film and a dark room.  I have had many jobs growing up from: working on cars to 11 years with a huge shipping company. But photography was always a passion for me.  My 1st love of photography was working with children. Some people get stressed out over the little ones "not listening", especially you parents! LOL!  I find it FUN! I get to be a kid again and take pictures at the same time! WIN WIN for me!  That was my first love of photography, and I cannot give that up but after struggling with my own body image for my entire life I found the healing powers in Boudoir photography.  Seeing woman transform and heal in front of my eyes has been one of the best things I have witnessed.  I couldn't choose one over the other so if you ask me what I prefer I cannot give you an answer.   If you would like to know more about me, check out my "About Me" section.