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A plus size woman adorned with leg tattoos sitting gracefully on a couch within a tastefully decorated boudoir studio in South Carolina.

About Diandra

An attractive woman posing on a couch with red lipstick.

I am a self-taught photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of all women. My journey to open The Owlet Room started with my own mission to find a photographer that worked with plus-size women like myself. I never saw women that looked like me.  It wasn't until I had my very own session that I realized the healing power in Boudoir Photography. Now, it is my mission to help women of all sizes, colors, age and shapes feel sexy in their own skin. I am located on the boarder of Summerville, Goose Creek and Moncks Corner, SC. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, therapist, artist, nurse, cook and all the hats that we as women wear.  Through my photography, I aim to empower and uplift women, capturing their true essence and beauty. Join me on this journey of self-love and confidence.

For more information about doing your own session, please fill out the form and we will be in touch. 

A female photographer holding a camera.
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