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Meet your photographer!

Meet your photographer! Diandra Dellucci

It's been a hot minute since I last introduced myself. I've been a proud Charlestonian since '82, when I first landed here with my parents and the Navy, and we never looked back. I'm a mother to two breathtaking children who drive me crazy every day, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Weight has always been my arch-nemesis, you know? On paper, I seemed healthy as can be, but my body just couldn't resist hoarding those winter fats, even though we barely have winters here in SC! About 6-7 years ago, I finally had to admit that I needed bypass surgery. Oh, the sacrifices we make for the sake of feeling good in our own skin, but did you know I still struggle with my weight?

I was quite the athlete growing up, participating in all sorts of sports, but softball stole my heart. Of course, my knees now remind me of those glorious days. Especially when a big storm is on the way. I was the catcher for my high school's varsity team from sophomore to senior year, playing EVERY single game, except for that hilarious incident where I unknowingly took Benadryl and passed out during warm-ups. Yes, darling, Benadryl apparently makes one oh-so-sleepy! I still chuckle at the memory of waking up in the back of my coach's truck while the game had ended. Life is full of surprises, isn't it? I was also a cheerleader for ONE year because I lost a bet with my best friend. That is an entire other blog in itself.

Now, let's talk about my amazing partner, Jeff. He might not always fully embrace my whimsical ideas, but he supports me, nonetheless. My ultimate dream is to retire in the serene mountains, where I can wake up to the breathtaking Blue Ridge and savor my morning coffee on a cozy rocking chair. Bliss, indeed. I scroll Zillow in my free time to find my dream home and daydream about my "golden days".

Unbeknownst to many, my foray into the world of boudoir photography was purely accidental. After having my own session as a gift for Jeff, I discovered the profound healing power it holds. It started with two friends begging me to do their photos in a hotel in Downtown Charleston and the rest is history! Being able to do what I now love, empowering women to see and embrace their true beauty, is a fulfilling journey that brings me immense joy. And to top it all off, I got to homeschool my two children for over 4 years as well. Now that both kids are back in school, I can do what I love even more! That is great news for you!

Oh, and here's a juicy secret about me: I have an insatiable love for whitewater rafting. Can you believe I once braved a "tornado" and ended up covered in poison oak from the flying branches .5 and inch away from my girl bits!? Yes, poison oak next to my lady parts was NOT FUN! I also had to assist in saving a few ladies that had been ejected out of their raft and one had a severally broken hip from fighting a rock and loosing. I also got lost in the mountains of Japan looking for Budda once and almost had to spend the night with the trees, TRUE STORY! Life's adventures can be quite prickly at times, don't you think? I even had the wild dream of becoming a raft guide when I was a teenager.

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