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Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot. Breaking Down the Highlights: A Review of Ms. N's Session


Plus size woman with tattoos kneeling in front of a red couch

A plus size white woman in black lingerie with tattoos laying on a red couch

Question: Why did you choose Diandra to do your Boudoir Session?

Answer: I chose Diandra because I saw a lot more women that looked like me and she seems to celebrate plus size instead of trying to hide it!

Question: Was this session for yourself or a gift for someone else?

Answer: This session was for me!

Question: How did you feel before your session?

Answer: I was really nervous and body conscious prior to my session.

Question: Did Diandra keep you informed and answer any questions you had before you arrived?

Answer: Yes! She was super informative and very responsive anytime I had a question.

Question: What was your overall impression of The Owlet Room once you arrived?

Answer: It is beautiful and provides a ton of options for photos. It has more than one feel in the room so it's really versatile.

Question: How did Diandra make you feel during your session?

Answer: She made me feel super confident. She made me feel beautiful and truly like a goddess! I walked out of the owlet room feeling better about myself than I ever have!

Question: What were your favorite elements of the room?

Answer: The mirrors and the beautiful red couch

Question: How did you feel during the boudoir session, and were there any moments or poses that made you feel particularly confident or empowered?

Answer: I felt so beautiful and sexy all throughout my session. It would be hard to point to one particular thing because I felt amazing and confident the whole session.

A plus size woman in lingerie kneeling in front of a couch.

Question: Did the ambiance of the Owlet Room contribute to your overall experience? If so, how?

Answer: The owlet room itself is very sensual and sexy so it helped get me I'm that mind set.

Question: How did you feel seeing your pictures for the first time?

Answer:  I was blown away; I couldn't believe that was me. She showcased my body perfectly.

Question: How did Diandra handle and concerns you brought up?

Answer:  She handled them quickly and set my mind at ease about any concerns I had.

Question: Do you feel she was fair in listening to your concerns?

Answer:  She was very fair and had an open mind. She helped me work through a lot of my concerns.

A plus size female in black lingerie standing behind a couch smiling

Question: Would you recommend to your friends to use Diandra for their boudoir session?

Answer: I already have!

Question: If you could change one thing about your session, what would it be? 

Answer: I wouldn't change anything about my session, I just wish I had done it sooner!

Thank you, Ms. N, for the amazing review. Do you want to do your own Boudoir session? Click on the button below and fill out the form and Diandra will get in touch with you.

A plus size female laying on the floor in a bed of tulle

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